From passive to active use

Since 2016, Greenpipe Group AB has been a customer of Lime Technologies and, in 2021, they decided to upgrade so they could tailor Lime Go to better suit their growing company.

Greenpipe’s marketing manager, Elisabet Forslund, says the company had been using Lime Go for over four years before deciding it was time for an upgrade. In the past, they worked with a mix of emails, excel and paper and pen, but with their growing success they have outgrown this, and they felt a need to develop further.  To unlock the full potential of the company, they need the right tools. This was achieved through structure and clarity between different sellers in Lime Go. With Lime Go, Greenpipe’s sales representatives can review statistics, track booked appointments and assess their outcomes.  It is a simple and seamless way to keep track of your business.

"They're always available. If we have a problem, we know that we can always contact them and receive solutions and updates without a delay. You don't just end up waiting in a chat window.”

Elisabet Forslund, Marketing Manager, Greenpipe Group AB

Swift solutions and availability

At Greenpipe, it’s mainly the sales team that uses Lime Go, but certain features in the program make it useful for everyone. 8 out of 10 employees have licenses for Lime Go. The marketing team uses Lime Go for a range of activities, including creating newsletters, both for internal and external circulation, making it easy to maintain customer relationships.

Greenpipe also has plans to continue expanding and improving the customization of Lime Go with more features. They currently have Outlook email linked to Lime Go and intend to extend this connectivity across a range of business activities. For example, Greenpipe has ambitions to integrate Lime Go with social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

As Greenpipe were already Lime customers, they were not looking for a new system. The work our team delivers shows that Greenpipe made the right decision choosing Lime.

”It just felt like clockwork, even my gut feeling," says Forslund, "We speak the same language. Lime understands how small businesses prosper and continually strives for development and improvement. ”

Elisabet Forslund, Marketing Manager, Greenpipe Group AB

Easy, structured and time-efficient

The results of upgrading Lime Go are clear. It’s easy to search the system, easy to find customer information and minimizes the risk of something being overlooked. No customer or detail is overlooked because everything is documented. Forslund says that Greenpipe is a small company, and they have to be transparent in how they work.

Do you want to achieve the same goals as Greenpipe?

About Greenpipe Group AB

Greenpipe was founded in 2001 amongst the green forests of Småland. Their founder, Lars-Göran Svensson, had had enough of poor-quality cable protection and spent time designing and developing a better solution. He founded the company in 2001 and launched the innovative split pipe cable protection, Snipp & Snapp® Original, the same year.

Since then, Greenpipe has been focused on developing divisible cable protection pipes and other products that are functional, environmentally friendly, and good for the installer’s working environment. Greenpipe continues to develop pioneering infrastructure solutions and launches new products every year. Today, they supply markets all over the world with the next generation of divisible cable protection pipes, amongst other innovative products.