A fresh start with user-friendly CRM

In the spring of 2018, Holmbergs started looking for a new CRM system. At the time, the company had a rather bulky and complex CRM system that no one was using. This made the company’s sales pipeline unmanageable and meant that quotes were not being followed up. Ease of use and quick start-up were therefore important criteria.

"We needed a CRM system that we could get up and running quickly and that was cost-effective. We get that with Lime Go - there are no barriers for the sales people and that's important. A CRM that sits in the drawer is not a good CRM."

Fredrik Fenberg, Sales Manager, Holmbergs

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Full control of activity level and pipeline

Holmbergs has seen several effects since the change of CRM system and can now:

  • Track sales activities: Holmbergs now knows what all sales people are doing and can follow the activity level – every month, every week, every day.
  • Maximize production: with a clear pipeline in Lime Go, Holmbergs can now ensure that the production facility is used to its maximum capacity.
  • Gather all sales work: ease of use and great support has meant that the CRM system is no longer sitting in the drawer, but is used daily.

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About Holmbergs

Holmbergs Printing offers services along the entire graphic chain – from the strategic and creative idea stage, through the various stages of production, to the logistics of distribution and publication. For more than 100 years, the company has been refining the art of printing, honing its skills and investing in printing technology and skills development. Always with a focus on service and quality.

Since spring 2014, Holmbergs has been part of the Paragon Group, which, with 6,500 colleagues and representation in more than 16 countries, is one of Europe’s largest players in document management and communication.