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3,7 million potential customers

Lime Go comes loaded with company data and a range of features making it easy to find new customers, customers that are a perfect match for you. Sort by hundreds of filters, use twin matching and create calling lists. With Lime Go, it’s quick and easy to get an overview of your potential market – and to avoid googling.

Prospecting with Go

Focus on the right actions with smart deal management

With a visual and adjustable sales pipeline, you have control of the entire process and all data are stored in one place. Add reminders, notes, and ‘next steps,’ and thus work methodically to close the deal. That way, everything is easy and effortless!

Close deals in Lime Go

Statistics and follow-up on targets

Stop guessing. Visual outcomes give you a quick overview of your and your team’s performance based on your respective targets. In addition, forecasts in Lime Go help you deliver more even sales volumes and they allow you to constantly adjust any imbalances in your sales pipeline.

Lime Go for sales managers

With vs. without sales tools

How do you as a sales representative use Lime Go? Here is a list of some everyday scenarios.

How to use Lime Go

Integrations and technology

Learn more about APIs, Zapier, security, hosting and other IT matters that are linked to Lime Go.

In-depth technical information
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