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Calendar connection (Gmail, Apple & Outlook)


Sync appointments to your calendar via Lime Go.


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Company data from Dun & Bradstreet (former Bisnode)


Interested in prospecting in other Nordic countries? Add Sweden (1.7M), Norway (1.1M) or Denmark (900k) to your database and unlock different filters. Add a license and get access immediately!


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Create a seamless contact flow by linking forms on your website directly to Lime Go. Use existing forms or we’ll customize it for you. When the form is submitted, a business opportunity is created in Lime Go and the form searches for the right company and person. Make it easy for your customers and prospects to reach you!


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Save time and avoid unnecessary administration by linking Lime Go to your ERP system using ERP-connector.  With a simple click, you ensure that the right customer data is available in both Lime Go and Fortnox.


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Funnelbud is a full service provider in Market Automation, and works well with Lime Go. Contact us or Funnelbud for more information.

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Avoid switching between systems when managing contracts, quotes and signatures. GetAccept connects easily with Lime Go, so there are no interruptions in your digital supply chain. Access all your favourite GetAccept features with Lime Go customer management.

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Google Drive / iCloud Drive / OneDrive / Dropbox / Sharepoint


Link to documents or folders directly from Lime Go. Access your documents with one click directly from the company card, business card or personal cards in Lime Go.

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Google Maps


Get address info about each company directly in Lime Go and see their visiting address on a map through Google Maps. Use this data to filter by county, municipality, visitor location or postcode to see companies in a list. Perfect if you’re on the go and want to find customers or prospects near your scheduled customer visits. With Lime Go on your phone, you can easily click on the address and get directions in one click.

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Are your visitors leaving your website without any trace? With Leadinfo you get insights about all your website visitors, so you never miss a deal again! Send your website visitors to Lime Go from Leadinfo. Configure which visitors you want to catch – the higher the temperature, the hotter the lead. This is based on the visitor’s stay in terms of time spent and pages visited.

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Leadoo Bots


Expand with Leadoo Bots and take the journey one step further; give personalized encounters to your customers, help them calculate an offer or book a time directly from your calendar. Supercharge your website and connect all the insights directly into Lime Go with the two-way integration.

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Leadoo Sales


Get realtime Leadoo Sales alerts about prospects from deals in your pipeline when they visit your website and show buying intent. Don’t bloat your mailbox with emails about every company – instead get meaningful alerts directly inside Lime Go about prospects in your pipeline that are the right size, show interest and have potential.

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With LeadPilot’s prospecting tool, you can eliminate manual handling and automatically create customer cards with the right decision-makers and contact details. Lime Go also makes it easy to keep track of what has happened in the dialogue with the prospect, so you always have up-to-date information when you contact the prospect.

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Search for companies or people in one click using our quick search function in Lime Go and get suggestions on LinkedIn.

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Create visual and measurable emails and ditch the “Powered by Lime Go” logo. Either design your own mailings from a template library or buy a ready-made basic template with your logo, font and colours. The number of mailings is unlimited and you can reach up to 10,000 recipients each time. Need to reach even more people? No problem, we can solve that!

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Outlook email add-in


Save emails from your inbox to Lime Go with two quick clicks. Lime Go searches for companies and people based on the sender’s domain – match or create new leads directly through the link. Make sure the email goes to the right company with the right person on the right deal and save attachments as documents via the integration.

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Prospecting tool for company data


Activate filters with thousands of options to segment your customers into the perfect target group. See KPIs and filter out customers depending on company size, financial figures or industry among other things. Find your Twin-customers and work more data-driven with your sales.

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Specify the type of business you’re interested in in Lime GO and Qualifier.AI will match your existing customer base so you don’t accidentally contact existing customers in your customer base when you send emails. Lime Go and Qualifier.AI are well integrated with each other and work seamlessly.

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Use Telavox to make calls directly in Lime Go. Just click on a number and call!

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Use Tele2 to call directly in Lime Go. Just click on a number and call!

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Connect Userlike to convert leads from live chats and send them to Lime Go. Or add the integration if you want to connect sales & marketing with the support department. Send chat conversations to Lime Go as signals to notify sales reps when a lead comes in.

Userlike is a Lime company that we acquired in 2021 located in Cologne, Germany. They have a wide feature set that includes website chat, chatbot, video messaging, and multiple messaging channels such as Whatsapp.

Read more.

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Visma eEkonomi


Save time and avoid unnecessary administration by linking Lime Go to your ERP system using ERP-connector.  With a simple click, you ensure that the right customer data is available in both Lime Go and Visma eEkonomi.

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Integrating Lime Go with the rest of the world is very easy with the help of Zapier. With over 4,000 services to integrate with, there’s a good chance some of your favorite tools are already there, just waiting for you to connect them to Lime Go. Some examples are Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Excel and WordPress.

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Are you missing an integration?

We can solve it! Contact us and let’s talk about it!

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