Boost your sales with a prospecting tool

Lime Go is a prospecting tool that makes it easy to survey your potential market and drive your sales. Lime Go is loaded with Nordic companies and a variety of functions that make it easy to prospect for new customers. Customers who match you. Sort by hundreds of filters, use twin matching and create call lists.

Current company information

With Lime Go, prospecting has never been easier! You can find up to 3.7 million Nordic companies and 6.4 million decision-makers from Dun & Bradstreet in Lime Go, which means you can save time and avoid finding contact details manually.

  • Turnover, results, and other financial information.
  • Company facts in the form of number of employees, industry, company form and more.
  • Place of visit, county, and other geographical information.

Prospecting with vs without a Data Enriched CRM

What does a typical sales scenario look like and how can you deal with these in different ways? We cover five different sales scenarios and how you can deal with them. With – and without – Lime Go.

1. Cold outreach

You need to find new customers and decide to pick up the phone. Your company focuses on larger restaurant businesses in Southern England.

Without a Data Enriched CRM
You try to google companies matching your target group, find their contact information and paste it into an Excel sheet. Creating a list takes anywhere between 9 and 90 minutes.

With Lime Go
You open the sales tool and sort out businesses that 1) are in the category “restaurant business”, 2) have turnover of more than € 43k and 3) are in Southwest Germany. In less than five minutes you have a complete list with 77 different companies.

2. Contact leads

You visited an event and made new connections. You bring home several business cards and now it’s time to follow up.

Without a Data Enriched CRM
You get the business cards and enter all the details in your address book, but realize you forgot some business cards at the event. Who were you talking to?

With Lime Go
You open the sales tool and start working the list with new contacts. At the event, you scanned all the business cards and marked them as business opportunities and added a reminder for today to follow up on.

3. Sales meeting

You have been in contact with the restaurant Ristorante over the past few weeks and they seem interested in your products. Next week it’s time for a meeting and you are busy preparing the material.

Without a Data Enriched CRM
You try to remember what was decided during the last phone call with the restaurant. You have a faint memory that there were 2-3 people who would attend and that you intended to focus on quality during the presentation. But you don’t remember the details.

With Lime Go
You search ”Ristorante” in the sales tool and get both contact history as well as your own notes. There you see that the CEO, the head chef, and a supervisor will be attending the upcoming meeting. And yes, you have made a note to focus on quality in your presentation. You have also added a reminder to bring afternoon tea, which you had incidentally promised.

4. Won deal

The meeting with the restaurant Ristorante goes well and a few weeks later you win the deal. Hooray!

Without a Data Enriched CRM
As it was a bigger deal, you open your Inbox and send an e-mail to your manager, who has asked for updates. It takes a couple of minutes, as you need to describe the contract and the total value of the entire deal.

With Lime Go
You change the deal’s status to “order” in the sales tool and your manager automatically gets an e-mail that the deal has been won. In the sales tool, the manager can see the entire process and the total value of the deal.

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5. Upselling

You have some customers that come back regularly to buy new restaurant equipment. But this year, it feels like the loyal customers are fewer than in previous years and you would like to contact those who haven’t been in touch.

Without a Data Enriched CRM
You try to remember previous customers and you look through your Inbox, folders, and various documents. Putting together your list takes time and you wonder whether you really remembered everyone. Furthermore, you don’t remember the details regarding when, what and why they all bought from your company last time.

With Lime Go
You open the sales tool and search for “gold customer”, which is the tag you have given your large and recurring customers. All companies are displayed in a list that you can start to work through.

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Automation and integrations

Prospecting with Twin Matching

Find prospects who are similar to your very best customers. Enter the name of a dream customer and let Lime Go automatically compile a call list of matching companies for you to contact!

Buying signals and recommendations

Hot or not? Lime Go knows! Buying signals from different companies are compiled from website visits and newsletter clicks, which allows you to quickly “take the heat” on your prospects.

Find customers with Google Maps

Forget complicated “copy/paste” of streets and house numbers! Google Maps is integrated into Lime Go from the start and shows each company’s address in an overview map view.

Add credit rating from Dunn & Bradstreet

Add an integration to Dun & Bradstreet and see the creditworthiness of your prospects. The credit ratings are updated automatically and can be used to make selections for call lists.

Do you want to make prospecting easy?