Sales pipeline and numbers

Which deals are about to be closed? How many sales calls have you made so far this year? Lime Go keeps track of your numbers and deals, allowing you to make the right priorities.

  • Visual sales pipeline with deals split into sales process status, and their total value.
  • Deals filtered per responsible employee, sales process status, amount, probability, expected order date etc.
  • Activity follow-up, such as: sales call done, meeting booked, and visit concluded.
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Buying signals and campaigns

Qualify your deals with email campaigns and instantly find out if customers are “hot or not”. Establish strategic links to find out which buying signals you can obtain.

  • Design neat-looking and appealing mailings direct in Lime Go with drag-and-drop.
  • Contact up to 1,000 recipients/month at no extra cost.
  • Add “Read more” links, attach a value and measure the engagement rate.
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Deal management and add-on sales

Overview of deals, including info and activities
Lime Go compiles all information about a deal in one place. Customer demands, value, probability, meeting notes, documents and completed sales activities – everything in one clear view.

Add digital proposals and e-signing
Add an e-signing interface to be able to create, send and track your proposals directly in Lime Go. A useful connection that helps you close your deals even faster!

Reminders and calendar links
Follow up deals and customer activities with smart reminders. Your meetings in Lime Go will automatically populate Outlook or Gmail. Nothing will be missed, and you are in control at all times.

Customer history and segmenting
Have visibility of everything that’s going on in the customer relationship – whether it happened last week or three years ago – including history and activity log. Descriptive tags indicate the relevant customer type for each customer.

Add-on sales with email mailings
Sell more to your existing customers with appealing e-mail mailings. Design them easily with drag-and-drop, add measurable links and get an understanding of the current buying trends.

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Integrations to the outside world

Avoid duplicating your work and make your sales process even more streamlined with smart integrations. Lime Go can, for example, be linked to:

  • ERP systems Visma eEkonomi and Fortnox.
  • Trello, Slack and another 1500+ tools via Zapier.

In addition, with our open API, you are free to develop your own systems!

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