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1,7 million potential customers

Find new customers fast and focused with call lists, twin matching, leads recommendations and other smart features.

Prospecting with Go

Efficient deal management

Visual sales pipeline, business information in one place, reminders and everything else you need in an efficient sales process.

Close deals with Go

Statistics and KPIs

Visual outcomes from call lists and activities, as well as a well-structured sales pipeline, means super-fast visibility of your and your team’s performance.

Go for sales managers

Benefits of Lime Go

Fast launch

Spending 1-8 hours on a guided launch is all it takes to get started.

28% increase in net sales

Work proactively with pipeline management and increase your net sales by 28 percent.

Data driven optimisation

Improve processes, save time and increase your hit rate based on relevant data.

With vs. without sales tools

How does a sales rep use Lime Go? We list some examples for everyday work.

5 sales scenarios with Lime Go

Integrations and technique

Go to our website and find in-depth technical information to learn more about APIs, Zapier, security, hosting and other IT matters that are linked to Lime Go.

In-depth technical information

Missing something?

Do you also want to do case and promotion management, retrieve advanced statistics and handle multiple objects? Take a look at our comprehensive CRM solution.

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