Commitment key to success

A few years ago, Atrium Ljungberg was struggling with the challenge of having a lot of data in a number of different systems, all disconnected from each other. One of these systems was the Property Management System, which contained a lot of data that could not be accessed by all employees.

– The information was floating around one by one, says Mattias Celinder, Business area Properties at Atrium Ljungberg, describing a problem that many are familiar with.

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CRM vs Excel

When Atrium Ljungberg was looking for a new CRM system to deal with their isolated data, they decided that this time they would engage the whole company from the start.

However, that proved to be easier said than done. Continuing with one’s own Excel files was seen by many as an easier option. The game changer for Atrium Ljungberg was when they appointed a person to lead the project of implementing Lime CRM.

Faulty reports boosted usage

The new Lime ambassador started by ensuring that all reports going to the management team were pulled from Lime CRM instead of individual Excel files.

– Initially, people complained that the reports didn’t add up, which of course they didn’t as the data was missing in the system. The inaccurate reports became a motivator for the departments to enter their data and receive accurate reports that showed what they had actually achieved, Mattias Celinder explains.

“It’s in Lime CRM” became the best call to action to generate interest and get colleagues to use the new CRM system. Soon, management also started to take an interest in all the analysable data that was now available from a common source.

– The fact that the whole company got on board with Lime CRM was the real success factor.

"Now we can turn the numbers into data. Analyse and see correlations. I think that's the biggest benefit of all."

Mattias Celinder, Business area Properties, Atrium Ljungberg

Easier to access data

At Atrium Ljungberg, Lime CRM has provided a smoother workflow and tools for targeted mailings.

Another important benefit of Lime CRM is that it provides all employees access to the same information, together with the ability to access data from the Property Management System – a more old school system that not all employees can handle. With an integration to the PMS, they now get daily updated data right into Lime CRM.

Easy for everyone to access, exactly as it should be!

Lime BI - the greatest driver for success

If the first success factor was everyone getting involved, the greatest success factor was that they started using the Business Intelligence tool Lime BI.

– Now we can turn the numbers into data. Analyse and see correlations. I think that’s the biggest benefit of all, says Mattias Celinder.

With Lime BI, Atrium Ljungberg was able to really start showing charts and statistics of different performance areas.

– And when you make charts with people in them, it arouses competitive instincts. Everyone starts performing their very best.

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Commercial property solution - with a twist

Today, Atrium Ljungberg uses a commercial real estate solution within Lime CRM Real Estate, which covers all aspects of leasing and management. They also manage their Housing Development in the CRM system.

By using Lime BI, they can easily overview and compare data to get a clear view of where they stand. All to ensure that they allocate their resources where the potential profits are greatest.

Atrium Ljungberg also manages marketing and communication in Lime CRM, where they use Lime Newsletter to send out breakdown notifications or targeted mailings to customers in a specific area. Management and customer care are other areas handled in Lime CRM.

Thanks to flexible solutions such as integration with the Unit4 Property Management system, Atrium Ljungberg has an efficient and seamless work process.

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Top two tips

Atrium Ljungberg’s two most important pieces of advice to those about to implement a new CRM system:

  • You need a dedicated firebrand to drive the project, preferably someone at a senior level.
  • Scrap all other reports immediately. Then all data must be entered into the CRM system to get accurate reports.

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