Continual updates are a requirement

When Trädgårdsproffsen (The Garden Pros) started up, the company noticed relatively quickly that there was a need for a CRM system. Employees wanted an up-to-date company database for new customer processing and features for quotes, reminders and the ability to easily add information to various customer cards.

In addition, Garden Pros wanted to be able to measure all kinds of relevant activity and sales outcomes. At the same time, the system had to be educational, easy to use and have a simple structure.

“We looked at a few other systems, but none of them were as simple and concrete as Lime Go. Lime Go met the needs we had at the time and has continued to do so ever since."

Joel Frick, Head of marketing, Trädgårdsproffsen

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Saving time and reduced vulnerability

Trädgårdsproffsen have been using Lime Go since the summer of 2016 and today they have about 13 employees work in the system. Which have resulted in various positive outcomes.


Saved time

Collected data on quotes, sales activities, feedback and contacts saves Trädgårdsproffsen a lot of time during individual development meetings with employees.

Increased individual follow-up

Lime Go gives visibility to employees’ work and allows individual performance to be monitored at a detailed level.

Better customer segmentation

Tags in the system allow the Trädgårdsproffsen to segment customers and create targeted marketing activities.

Reduced vulnerability

With completed customer cards and documented processes, vulnerability is reduced if someone is ill, while new employees can be introduced more quickly.


In addition, Garden Professionals sees continuous, collaborative development of various work processes based on the system. Employees are active, compare working methods and learn from each other.

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About Trädgårdsproffsen

Trädgårdsproffsen will help you with everything related to your garden. With a comprehensive network of gardeners, tree fellers, arborists and landscapers across the country, you’ll get the help you need – no job is too big or too small. Trained, qualified and insured partners give you the right quality at the right price.