Industry development – Digitalisation helps identify business opportunities

Väderstad has been manufacturing agricultural machinery since the 1960s, and is well-versed with the advances across the industry, especially with the rapid developments made possible in recent years. Production within machine companies has been streamlined with the help of modern technology, but in addition to the production boom, it’s also necessary to digitise processes used by the customer. Clients are increasingly demanding a smooth and seamless customer experience that demands a modern integrated technology and a data management system. For Väderstad, that system is Lime CRM.

"We live and work in Lime. We have everything there. If you don't open Lime, you won't get far that working day.”

Jeanette Gustafsson, Aftermarket System Administrator

Having key customer data scattered across different and outdated systems can cause confusion and missed business opportunities. Väderstad’s CRM system is a holistic platform that offers a range of essential functions for both sales and servicing. The system includes processes for machines, invoicing, spare parts management, managing complaints, along with customer information and the ability to track business opportunities. Quickly and easily identifying business openings through the CRM system is essential for sales staff. This enables the sales team to be proactive, by reaching out to customers who have outdated machines or are otherwise flagged as leads. Väderstad’s sales and service technicians are able to work efficiently because they have a clear understanding of the customers’ needs, their machines and the work they require.

Objective – Collected data is qualitative and enables decision making

We live in a digital world where data is one of the most important assets that companies can own. It is essential to manage this data efficiently, and having information scattered across several older and outdated systems is a recipe for missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers. To collect this key data in one place, Väderstad has integrated Lime CRM with its ERP system, a portal for machine importers, and a reporting tool. The CRM system simplifies tasks as employees no longer need to navigate different data systems when searching or entering information. There is one location for important data, making day-to-day work more efficient whilst reducing the support for several overlapping systems.  With all the information accessible through the CRM system, employees can use the global search function for easy and comprehensive searches.

"We need to keep track of all the important data in one place. In this industry, you can't manage without a CRM system. We need to have a database for machines.”

Johan Kjellander, Technical Support – Service International

Challenge – Not all processes can be digitised

In the machinery industry, most customers expect smooth digital solutions, but for Väderstad, keeping manual processes is actually necessary. Agricultural machinery is sold all over the world and not all users are connected to the internet. A challenge for Väderstad is therefore to develop digital systems but at the same time include an offline function in its processes. According to Johan Kjellander at Väderstad, digital data collection is more efficient. This is because the sooner the information can be entered into a system, i.e. in their CRM system, the less time is wasted.

Imagine a salesman assessing the needs of farmers. He writes meeting notes and decisions taken in a notepad in order to later transfer the information to a system. This process risks information loss because the relevant data is entered into a system after several intermediate steps. Another salesperson can already connect via the internet to a CRM system during the meeting, using their phone or iPad. They can immediately see the customer’s data and add notes on the spot. They can do this with the web-based Lime CRM, which Väderstad is now working on implementing. Information is often more accurate and useful when it can be written down quickly.

Solution – The system becomes more valuable through use

The goal of Väderstad’s CRM system is to collect qualitative data in one place that can streamline processes and facilitate decision-making at all levels of the organisation. Having a working system is not enough, it is how you use it that will decide how successful a CRM system will be. Väderstad has clear rules and guidelines for how the system is to be used, guaranteeing the quality of information. The guidelines determine what information should be in Lime CRM and how it should be entered. When all employees work systematically in the same way, the information is reliable and consistent – the CRM system delivers on its promise.

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