Reduce staff turn-over

Is work like a constant race against the clock? We know the feeling. Staff members should spend minimal time on administration, and instead be able to bill more hours and boost margins. At the same time, all customer, consulting and project information needs to be updated and accessible for everyone, to enable them to deliver their very best. Don’t let stress rule you. The solution? Lime CRM.

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Lime CRM for the consulting sector

Prospects pipeline

Close better deals with a clear pipeline in Lime CRM. Which projects are scheduled? Can you sell more to the same customer? Boost average prices and staff utilisation rates by being proactive.

Skills database

Compile the consultants’ skills in a database and make project staffing easier. Swiftly assign the right skills to the right project at the right time, as soon as you’re contacted by a customer.

Simplified time reporting

Link Lime CRM to your time reporting system, making closed deals immediately available for reporting. Transfer hours spent to Lime CRM and get instant follow-ups on the deals.

Customer and project information

Updating data is so much easier when customer and project information is gathered in one system. It means less administration, more billable time (and data) and ultimately improved customer satisfaction.

Increase average price & boost utilisation

Encourage the right behaviours and inspire your consultants to better results. Gamification makes it easy!

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“Lime shows good understanding of our business needs. They saw our need for resource planning early on. Without us asking them, they built it into our Lime CRM solution, without going over the budget. That’s delivering more than you’ve promised. Nice! “

Daniel Falk, Head of Markets & Clients, Syntell

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Keep on top of all requests

Reduce time spent on emails and dependency on certain individuals. Instead, receive all work requests automatically in Lime CRM.

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By consultants, for consultants

We have delivered many consultant solutions over the years and we know what it takes to make working life easier. Whether you work at one of the major company groups, or at a small business – our consultants are always happy to assist you and your colleagues.

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With 30 years’ experience, we know most things about case management, sales support and other things within CRM. And we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you! You can read more about, for example, how a CRM system can simplify everyday work and how to be successful with your CRM project in our posters. All free of charge, of course.

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