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With 25 years of expertise, more than 50,000 users and 1,000 new customers per year, we know CRM.

Our CRM- systems

Why CRM?

You can of course be very customer orientated and customer friendly without a computer system.
But when a great memory, Excel lists and post it-notes are not enough anymore, a clear structure can simplify your life (and work).

Reach the top of the pyramid!

Get your information in order

For many companies, this is the main goal with a CRM system. Your customers, partners, suppliers – basically everyone you are in contact with – in one, single place. Keep your cool and have full control of the customer.


When all the info is gathered in one place you can work more efficiently. Get lists, statistics and reports in a jiffy. Do what you do best instead of spending time on looking for stuff!

Be a customer magnet!

Surprise with excellent customer care. Chances are great that your customers will be so happy that they will stay with you AND spread the positive word about you. And before you know it, customers come to you instead of you having to fish for new customers!

Why does a customer leave their supplier?

Source: U.S. Small Business Administration and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The effects of CRM

General mess, customers who leave, and difficult loss of information when a colleague leaves? No, thank you! Our CRM systems help you keep an eye on customers, business and projects. It always pays off since…

1. Customers shop with their hearts, not their brains.

The supply of high quality products and services is enormous.  The competition on price is tough. What happens when the customers find that the alternatives are equivalent regardless of supplier?

  • The customer will always choose the company they think is “best”.
  • When price and products are equivalent, the decision is based on emotions.
  • The customer will always choose the company with whom they have the strongest relationship.

Be easy to deal with. Keep your promises. Come with positive surprises every now and then. Our CRM systems help you. That’s how easy it is to stay ahead of your competitors.


2. Customers talk. A lot.

In this day and age, customers are more inclined than ever to share their customer experiences, especially online.

  • When things go as expected, customers usually say neither one thing nor the other.
  • Customers with a poor experience have a huge need to share it. This could potentially be dangerous.
  • … but customers with a surprisingly good experience talk as well! That is extremely valuable.

Work proactively with great sales support and good customer care. Customers are positively surprised and write about that instead. CRM systems are therefore a great, cheap and efficient marketing tool.

3. Customer information is worth a lot. Heaps, really.

What happens when one of your sales reps decides to leave, start their own business or go to your competitor? Without a great system, it could be a nightmare.

  • Do you know which customers your colleague has been in contact with?
  • What has been promised and what has been agreed on?
  • Do you know if the customers are leaving your company to go with the sales rep to their new company?

With a CRM system you have an eye on what has been said and done, when, where and by whom. You can run with the ball like the pro that you are!

I want to try it now!

Succeed with CRM!

What is CRM? Why is it important? What can you gain from it? In our whitepaper you will find all the important questions and answers to help you succeed.

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