Focus on the right things

What are the priorities in your business for the moment? Which processes need to be implemented? Set up a campaign in Lime Engage and motivate the whole team to focus on certain selected activities. This could involve handling more customer cases, logging historic notes and information, or closing more deals. In addition, you get a precise picture of the organisation’s strengths and the areas that have room for improvement.

Boost the use of CRM

With game mechanics based on CRM data, you can engage and motivate your people to achieve the organisation’s goals. CRM usage is guaranteed to rise, and your business will achieve better returns on its investment. You will have fun while boosting team spirit and celebrating your successes.

“After having implemented and run three rounds of CRM Engage, we have seen a 308% improvement in our CRM usage. Lime Engage makes daily work more fun and it’s reliable in terms of driving the right behaviours. And it helps us perform tasks properly from the start.”

Åsa Persson, Mälarenergi

Why gamification?

Focus on the right things

What does your business prioritize right now? What kind of processes do you want to implement? Put focus on prioritized activities with a campaign. It can e.g be about dealing with more customer tickets, logging history notes or closing more deals.

Fun and energetic environment

Competitions make your adrenaline flow, increase motivation and create a more energetic environment. Work together in different teams, celebrate success and increase your team spirit.

Increased usage of CRM

With competitions based on CRM-data you combine work with pleasure. The usage of your CRM-system will definitely increase and your business will get more from your investment. At the same time you will have fun, of course.

Transparency and recognition

Make behaviours visible by measurable campaign activities. Transparency improves and good work gets recognised. What are some examples of a job well done by you or any of your colleagues? Let the world know!

This is how Lime Engage works

  • Select an activity, duration and teams for your campaign
  • Log activities in Lime CRM and collect points automatically in Lime Engage
  • Use your mobile, web browser or TV mode to monitor the competition (iOS and Android apps)
  • Give feedback, work as a team and spur each other on via social news feeds
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